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Using an exquisite raw material such as Baby Alpaca fiber, a well-cared for Mamakay garment can last for generations.

One of the characteristics of alpaca fiber is that it is naturally self-cleaning , so it is not necessary to wash the product frequently. It is best to ventilate the product outdoors.


If the garment needs to be washed, the best way to preserve it correctly is by hand washing it in cold water. Always using a special soap for wool or baby detergent.

You can fill a container with cold or warm water, add a small amount of mild soap and gently rub the dirty area. Once the garment is cleaned, it can be left to soak for three or four minutes and rinsed with cold water.

It is advisable to avoid contact of the garment with hot water to prevent it from shrinking or fuzzing.


To expel excess water when removing the garment from the container, you can gently squeeze it, but never twist the garment or wring it to speed up drying.

It is best to let the garment dry on a flat surface and thus prevent the product from deforming or creasing. To preserve the original color of Mamakay products, it is important to avoid exposing the garment directly to the sun during drying.


Alpaca fiber is delicate and it is preferable not to iron the garments frequently. If necessary, it is advisable to put a towel or cloth between the iron and the garment to avoid direct contact with the iron and better preserve the quality of the product.

If you have any questions about how to care for your Mamakay garment, you can write us an email at info@mamakaystudio.com and we will try to help you.