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Baby Alpaca, one of the most exquisite natural fibers that exist.

All Mamakay products are made from 100% Baby Alpaca wool, a natural fiber obtained from the first shearing in the life of an alpaca.

Considered one of the warmest, softest and most durable fibers that exist, thanks to the use of this alpaca wool we can help preserve a craft in a sustainable way.

Animal welfare

All the alpacas from which we obtain the fiber live happily in good physical, emotional and hygienic conditions, in their natural habitat.

Naturally hypoallergenic

Alpaca wool, unlike other types of wool, does not contain lanolin, making it ideal for the most sensitive skin.

Natural thermoregulatory effect

As it is a natural fiber and so light, it retains heat in winter and breathes in summer. Perfect for use at all times of the year.

Quality and softness

Baby alpaca wool is considered one of the softest, warmest and most durable fibers that exist.

Respectful with the environment

Alpacas consume little water and their excrement is great fertilizer. In addition, they provide a natural fiber that biodegrades naturally.

Natural shades

Alpaca has 22 neutral shades, ranging from white, gray or brown, all the way to black.

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